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Wycliffe is one of the oldest rowing schools in Britain. Rowing began soon after the founding of the school in 1882. Since 1935 the Boathouse has been situated on the Gloucester-Sharpness Canal with 50kms of still training water, some of the best available in England.

Today Wycliffe concentrates exclusively on sculling (in quads, doubles and singles) and is acknowledged as one of the country's elite sculling school. iq option download
Contact the Boat Club at: FourX@wycliffesculling.co.uk

Website Reorganisation

The Wycliffe Sculling website had been reorganised:
For information about Wycliffe College and the Boat Club, please visit the Wycliffe College website at Wycliffe College
For information about the Wycliffe Watermen, please visit The Old Wycliffian Society website at Old Wycliffian Society website
For Information about the Wycliffe Heads, please go to www.wycliffehead.co.uk

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